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Dope Fresh Promo, LLC

Dope Fresh Promo, LLC is a business that is committed to provide our clients with excellent service promoting brands to the public. We are a team of creative minds dedicated to pushing your brand/image for the world to see. Are you a music artist? Producer? Songwriter? Record Label? Manager? We have services available to give you the exposure you need to grow your fans.

Meet the owner

A true entrepreneur with his sights glued to a very bright future; Shemaiah is a pioneer who utilizes his diverse training in the media arts to combine philanthropy with video-journalism, photography and print media. Taking an inspired and personal approach to photography at the Shemaiah Production Studio, he is a natural born storyteller with the technical skill to match.

In his commitment to making dreams a reality, Shemaiah founded Refocused Magazine: a publication to enable young and old to ‘refocus’ on their dreams, both professionally and personally. Producer, director and change maker, Shemaiah is driven by an interest in the stories of people surrounding him. His journalism turns a lens on communities that celebrate every-day inspiration in a plight to light the way for others to find their calling and pursue their dreams as passionately as he does.

With extensive qualifications in 3D animation, music production, philosophy and business, Shemaiah is a creative visionary that owns his reality and loves nothing more than to inspire those around him. Whether he’s in the studio making hip-hop, or out in the street with his video camera: Shemaiah is driven, tenacious and big-hearted.

Whether you have an idea or project you’d like to collaborate on, or you are simply in need of a blast of inspiration; please get in touch.

- Shemaiah Reed

CEO of Dope Fresh Promo, LLC