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Pete Rock

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Ray Blk - Doing Me

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Amber Arcades

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Alxxa Music

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Born in Houston, Dandy began writing songs and playing music at the age of 16 after teaching herself to play the guitar. She has stated that music was her "source of solace and inspiration" and the one outlet she found where she could "truly be herself". At age 18, Dandy moved to Austin to attend university, writing lyrics for other musicians and playing piano at local venues. She left after one year of studies to pursue music full time.<br> <br> Dandy and her music are most recognizable by her signature Pop, SynthPop, ElectroPop sound filled with colorful melodies and catchy, upbeat lyrics. She writes mostly about her personal life, love, and the world around her. Dandy has said her hope is to help shape culture in a positive way, and her greatest endeavor is to be an inspiration to the fans who dare to dream.

"White and Black Keys"
Debut single from the album "DandyLand" coming March 2017.
Written and Performed by Dandy

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By: dopefreshpromo | June 05, 2016

H-Town artist bigZack drops a new hot video for his fans "Full Assurance" that will get you up and dancing. Check it out!